LA8775 Landscape Infrastructure and Systems V : By-products of the Anthropocene

University of Minnesota Department of Landscape Architecture. Spring 2016, 2017.

LA 8775 is a future-oriented graduate research seminar that examines emerging topical issues associated with urban ecological infrastructure and systems.  The course provides a forum for students to undertake advanced self-initiated inquiry into topics central to their research and professional interests. During the 2016 spring semester, the seminar’s theme will consider the concept of post-industrial landscapes as “by-products” of the Anthropocene epoch. Through weekly discussions, readings and a speculative project proposal, we will examine how the Anthropocene paradigm may offer new strategies to address the complex legacy of post-industrial landscapes and infrastructure. This examination will consider emerging concepts of zooetics, manufactured ecologies, feral biota, phytotechnologies and post-natural resource extraction and the potential application of these concepts to urban sites and infrastructure systems.


Matthew Tucker, ASLA
Assistant Professor, Department of Landscape Architecture
m/t 781-879-7233