For nearly two decades my professional career in landscape architecture focused upon damaged, post-industrial urban sites, manufactured urban ecologies and designed urban hydrological systems. The venue for this work was found in such cities as Chicago, Nashville, Oklahoma City, Miami Beach, Louisville and other cities and along 25 different rivers in the United States. Throughout my professional career I have been fortunate to lead and manage complex, multi-disciplinary design teams in several notable national design practices, including my role as the Director of Design and Principal at Conservation Design Forum in Chicago, IL and as a Senior Associate at the Cambridge, MA office of Hargreaves Associates.

Projects have varied in scale and scope from assisting with small, community-led ecological restoration projects, to the design and construction administration of $30 million public waterfront projects and the planning of $100 million river visioning projects. A consistent theme is my enjoyment of collaborative and multidisciplinary perspectives to address complex and challenging problems found in post-industrial sites. While in practice, I continued to maintain connections with Universities, including design juries at Harvard University's Graduate School of Design, adjunct faculty appointments at Iowa State University, University of Illinois Champaign-Urbana and the University of Minnesota, two appointments as the HWS Cleveland Fellow at the University of Minnesota and 5 years of service on the ISU Landscape Architecture Practitioners Advisory Council in the early 2000’s.