UMN Master of Landscape Architecture Capstone Projects

University of Minnesota Department of Landscape Architecture. 2012- present

Graduate students in Landscape Architecture at the University of Minnesota conduct a year-long applied research project of the scope, scale and location of their choosing. Each student participates in a programming course in the fall semester of their 3rd year. This is followed by a "capstone" studio in the spring semester. Throughout the capstone process, students work with their selected capstone committee, comprised of faculty from the Department of Landscape Architecture, faculty other UMN departments or design professionals or others with expertise relative to the student's applied research project.  I commonly refer to the "capstone" project as the "cornerstone" project, in that students should be strategic in their approach to their final project by selecting a project topic, location and defining issues or questions that anticipate their future professional career trajectories. In this manner, the project serves as a "cornerstone" foundation to build upon throughout one's professional career. I enjoy serving on capstone committee's with students that are interested in research and professional interests that align with my experience and current research focus.



2017             Ethan McKnight, Chicago, IL

2016             Bridget Ayers-Looby  INVISIBLE WORKS: a public introduction to the dynamic life of wastewater infrastructure. St. Paul, MN *  ***     (ASLA National Student Award Recipient-General Design Category Award of Excellence, 2017)

2016             Jonathan Fillmore  Who grows there?: Planting design using urban novel ecosystems. Minneapolis, MN *   ++                                                              (WLA International Student Award Recipient-Honorable Mention, 2017)

2016             Xiye Mou  Learning from Las Vegas: ‘River Restoration’ in the Desert City Las Vegas, NV *

2016             Mya Kesler Bee City. St. Paul, MN

2016             Morgan Mangelsen  Water Susurrus  Chicago, IL  ^^^^

2015             Lindsay Hawks  Mountaintop Removal. Appalachia, VA

2015             Joseph Nowak III  Post-industrial Heritage Park. Duluth, MN 

2015             Shannon Sawyer 21st Century Mission: Climate Change Adaptation and National Park Service Preservation. Mt. Rainier Natl Park, WA *

2015            Hang Su  42NYC::Beyond the Thoroughfare. New York City, NY ++                                                                                                                         (WLA International Student Award Recipient-Honorable Mention, 2017)

2014            Erin Garnaas-Holmes Waste(d) Opportunity. Washington DC *

2014            Amber Hill  Floodable. Cedar Rapids, IA*   * *  

2014            David Kowen   Trouble in Paradise. Honolulu, HI  

2014            Michael Scheibe  River Reflex. Mankato, MN * 

2013            Allyson Czechowicz  Changing Perceptions of Urban Nature + Ecology. Minneapolis, MN

2013            Kammeron Hughes:  Connections Across Time and Space: Scaffold Responses to Neighborhood Identity & Reinvestment” Kinsman NeighborhoodCleveland, OH

2013            Eric Olsen  Urban Water Margins:  Resiliency and Adaptation of an Urban Coastal Neighborhood” Gowanus CanalBrooklyn, NY *

2013            Michael Schuman: Healthy People + Healthy Land: Transformation of a Music City Brownfield”Cumberland River. Nashville, TN

2013            Anna Springer  Boom + Bust: Oil Extraction and Landscape Strategies to Guide Change in Rural Communities. Williston, ND

2013            Tianfang Wang  New Ruins: Pig's Eye Lake- Reclaiming Brownfield as Mississippi River Park. St. Paul, MN

2013            Han Zhang New Relationship of River Management and Urban Development for the Mississippi River Floodplain. St. Paul, MN



2017             Alexander Heid, Woods Hole, MA

2017             Yuqi Yan, Houston, TX

2017             Paul Liesmaki, St. Paul, MN 

2016             Sarah Hayosh SPUR: Tactical Interventions for Public Reuse of Industrial land in the Beltline Corridor. Detroit, MI

2015             Alex Hill  Fracking Futures. Williston, ND

2015             Karen Criales-Escobar  Isla La Loma. Barranquilla, Colombia

2015             Danfeng Zhang  Sealevel Rise at Treasure Island. San Francisco, CA

2013             Cort Eidem: Design Catalysts” North Broadway AveMinneapolis, MN

2013             Jennifer Krava: Materials and Memory. Highland Park Ford Assembly Plant, St. Paul, MN

2013             Matthew Traucht: Seeing the Future; Reading the Past. Ancient Newark Earthworks

2012             Ryan Herm. Design For Change: Missouri River Futures. Sioux City, IA *

2012             Emily Lowery,  FISH FORESTS and FUTURES, Mfangano Island, Kenya 

2012             Xiaoxiao Lu,  Shanghai, China

2012             Prescott Morrill,  Midtown Greenway Redevelopment. Minneapolis, MN

2012             Derrick Schilling, Energy Efficient Landscapes. Coon Rapids, MN



2013            Forrest. Hardy   Bike MPLS CBD: Encouraging Bicycling in Daily Life, Minneapolis, MN 

2013            Andrew Montgomery   Hydro Renaissance. Los Angeles, CA. 

2013            Bianca Paz,  NOMI River Park: Cultural Diversity as a Model for Industrial Riverfront Redesign. Minneapolis, MN

2013            Elizabeth.Hixson, Reuse/Rewild/Reidentify. Minneapolis, MN (Technical Advisor)

*                 UMN Department of Landscape Architecture Capstone Award recipient

* *               Excellence on the Waterfront Student Honor Award recipient, The Waterfront Center, New Jersey

***               National ASLA Annual Award recipient

++               World Landscape Architecture Student Award recipient

^^^^             Minnesota ASLA Annual Student Award recipient